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rounding a bush Into a little clearing, they sud-
denly came upon Almighty Voice in the act of
picking up a prairie-chicken that he had just shot.
His girl-wife was holding their horses a few feet
away. When Almighty Voice looked up and
saw the policeman approaching he quickly re-
loaded his gun and stood waiting. At twenty
yards he ordered a halt.

'Stop, or I'll shoot/ he hissed in Cree. This
was Interpreted to the sergeant by the half-breed

'No/ said Sergeant Colebrook5 Tm going to
do my duty.5

Again Almighty Voice shot forward a com-
mand to halt, * Another step forward, and I'll
shoot!5 he warned. The sergeant rode on,
'Crack!5—a bullet came tearing into his neck; and
he fell forward in his saddle,, dead.

Turning his gun on the half-breed scout,
Almighty Voice said:

'I'm not going to kill you, but I am going to
mark you/

'Crack!' barked his gun again—and a bullet
shattered the half-breed's elbow

The half-breed turned his horse, and as he
dashed off, Almighty Voice shouted after him:
'And If I ever see you again Fll kill you!5

The half-breed stopped at the mounted police
headquarters at Duck Lake barely long enough to